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    Default I need a new trim sending unit

    I need a new trim sending unit. No one locally sells OMC parts. Where can I get one? Or do I need to get a whole new guage/sender assembly?

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    Default "What's wrong with the old

    "What's wrong with the old one? Mine was "froze up" and not working, I soaked it with PB Blaster and worked it back and forth a while and got it free and working again. I understand that the senders are almost impossible to find, but I tried fixing mine before looking so I don't know."

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    Default "You can check the sender with

    "You can check the sender with an ohm meter. Behind the engine at the transom the sender cable comes through near the steering arm. It's a 2 wire black cable with a connector back there. Disconnect it and attach both leads of the meter to the 2 pins (sender side) you can then lift the drive and manually move the sender arm from one end of travel to the other while checking the meter, it should be 0 ohms at one end and go up to approx 200 at the other end.

    No idea where you can get them now, seems like they have been non-existent for a year now."

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