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    Default "I have a 2002 yamaha 90HP eng

    "I have a 2002 yamaha 90HP engine that won't turn off when the ignition is turned off. I replace the key and ignition and have the same problem. 50% of the time it will turn off but the rest it keeps running. Sometimes for 5-10 mins and stalls. When idling it seems to be sputtering a bit as well. Any help would be appriciated. Thanks in advance, Mike"

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    Default "on my last boat i had this pr

    "on my last boat i had this problem, i was told to leave it to idle for 3-5 mins before shuting it down and it did work most of the time. it is very dangerous apperently as it can reverse itself and suck water through the exhaust and compess it knackering the engine.

    try that as it worked for me .


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