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    Default "I have an 02 Yamaha 50 2 stro

    "I have an 02 Yamaha 50 2 stroke. Today we were out in it in idle zone for about 45 minutes. When I accelerated it stalled. Fired right back up and again bogged out when I tried to accelerate.

    I was low on gas...lowest I had ever been before so I figured that maybe I picked up some bad gas from the bottom of the tank. I sent my son to get 6 gallons and a new fuel filter (he was out in his jon boat). Bled the lines, changed the filter and new gas resulted in the same issue.

    No rope, line, weeds etc. fouling the prop. Starts right up, will rev up fine out of gear, put her in gear and start moving throttle up and it stalls out. I tried choking it to see if it would pull it out of the stall, it didn't have any affect on the stall out.

    Any ideas ont his one??"

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    Default "Update: When the engine id


    When the engine idles, there is an intermittent chirp/squeak."

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    Default "Found the problem to be water

    "Found the problem to be water in the carbs. Broke each one down and cleaned them, problem fixed. Thanks for ALL the help. lol"

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