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    Default "Hello, I have a 1987 Glasspor

    "Hello, I have a 1987 Glassport 165RX w/ 2.3L 4cyl OMC. Just when I thought it was lake worthy. I took it to the water for the first time since I've owned it for it's maiden voyage, just to work out any little kinks and make sure that it would float. The boat runs great, however when I started to accelerate I noticed that it was spraying a light mist of milky oil from the oil refill hose (I had engine cover off) that runs to the flame arrestor. So, I quickly shut it down and loaded it back onto trailer. When I bought the boat it had been sitting for a couple years probably uncovered, it had no oil and no spark plugs in it. Before putting fresh oil in it I used one of those hand pumps to try to pump any old oil that might still be sitting in the pan. Can anyone tell me how water could be getting into oil and why it's spraying out the hose. Why haven't I noticed it when I had it hooked up to water hose while it was running at home? Any help would be great. Thanks"

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    Default "Is it getting up to its opera

    "Is it getting up to its operating temp? This SHOULD evaporate any moisture in the oil.If not, my best "guess" is you've got a head-gasket on its way out.
    Heat it up real good, clean out the hose in question, and see if it does it again.
    Sitting for years without fresh oil in the pan... could just be condensation.Good luck! Keep us posted.


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