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    Default "I have a fuel pump from an om

    "I have a fuel pump from an omc inline 6 cylinder. 1972 year. I want to rebuild it, any idea where I can find a rebuild kit. Also I wish to have my carbureator rebuilt any idea of how much I should expect to pay and is a marine carbureator different for a boat than a car. Its a 2 bbl rochester. Thanks for any reply."

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    Default "can't get parts to rebuil

    "can't get parts to rebuild the pump, have to buy new, you can find used ones but your taking a risk. I have a pump from 76 and the diaphram is still pushing..

    Carb rebuilds if you bring to a carb place will cost about 100-150 (slight design difference but otherwise the same as auto) a carb kit for that costs about 15-25-30 dending on the brand and who you buy it from .. a replacement rebuilt carb is about 150-200 with new about 300-450

    There are many places that will rebuild carbs besides marinas.. do a google search around where you live else you may need to ship it to them."

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