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    Default "Boat: Crestliner 1650 Fish Ha

    "Boat: Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk side console. Rated for 90HP.

    Current motor setup:
    2001 50HP 2 stroke Johnson, oil injected, t/t. Concealed side mount control with t/t switch. Ignition, fuel, tach, voltmeter, t/t meter, warning lights on dash. (Picture at bottom)

    The 50HP is underpowered. My brother is selling his 1998 90HP Honda four stroke and I'd like to buy it. It will come with top mount controls that also contain the ignition and warning system lights and buzzer. Is it possible to rewire/recable things to keep my current side mount and dash gauges and ignition switch? I'm fairly mechanically inclined and my son-in-law is very good with electronics, but neither of us have much boat experience.

    And, is there anyone who could email me a higher resolution wiring diagram for the Honda 90? I have a pdf of the manual but the diagram in there is too poor to read.

    Many thanks.


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    Default "Can't offer any advice on

    "Can't offer any advice on control setup, but consider what the weight change might do.

    load some ballast to current setup to check, perhaps battery could be moved forward to help."

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