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    Default "First timer here. I've g

    "First timer here. I've got a 1990 5.0 sterndrive and after getting it out of storage, I hooked up the battery wrong. OOPS!!! Replaced the 50 amp fuse, but am not getting any fuel to the carb. I think its a mechanical pump. HELP!!!"

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    Default "Well an easy way to tell is d

    "Well an easy way to tell is disconnect the fuel line at the carb, put a soda bottle over the end and crank the engine. ( dont try to fill the bottle ) but after about 5 seconds of cranking you should have about 6 oz of fuel. If not you need to check the line from the tank to the fuel pump, could have cracks in it letting pump suck air and not fuel, lastly your tank vent line could be plugged or the fitting at the tank that should be a back flow restrictor(cant think of the other name) is stuck closed. ( there should be a ball bearing inside, can usually push on it with a long nail. )"

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    Default "Anti-syphin valve. And check

    "Anti-syphin valve. And check the screen on the bottom of the fuel pickup tube it connected to the valve.

    Filter at the fitting to the carb, and the fuel filter inside the fuel pump."

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    Default Plenty of fuel in the tank?

    Plenty of fuel in the tank?

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