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    Default "I have an Eska 7.5 hp Mod-142

    "I have an Eska 7.5 hp Mod-14209A Ser-38-320059 (1983?) that I received as a bonus (kicker) to a 17' runabout a couple of years back. The Eska is reported to have been working when last used. 15 years ago. I am not familiar with outboards but I am currently out of work and want to fix this Eska, or scrap it. I can't afford to throw money at this, but some parts will be necessary, I am sure. I have an Owners Manual and Parts List. Can you suggest what should be examined and what to look for, what things Should Be done, and any recommendations to determine if this is a keeper motor. It would be great to put it to use."

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    Default "Yes, an 83 or 84 model. Th

    "Yes, an 83 or 84 model.

    This being an air-cooled motor there is a whole lot less that goes bad with them even if they were never prepped properly for storage.

    Do replace the gear oil in the lower unit and make sure nothing is seized in there (simply turning the prop by hand with the lower off will tell you what kind of shape it's in).

    Remove the spark plug (and replace it) - before you put the plug back in spray in a bit of fogging oil or even a teaspoon of motor oil and turn the flywheel over by hand to get everything lubed up in there as well.

    The carb may need to be pulled and cleaned, but you may get lucky.

    Other than that I would mix up some gas/oil at 40:1 (use 2 cycle oil for lawnmowers/chainsaws, not marine oil which is designed for water cooled engines) and give her a try.

    The value in these motors is having a use for them. They regularly come up for sale and often go for between 50-100 bucks (in running condition).

    So no, I wouldn't throw alot of money at it, but if it doesn't take much to get her going they are a decent little motor."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Default "Graham has covered all the im

    "Graham has covered all the important stuff- they did have a water pump, so you can not just throw them on a saw horse and fire them up as many people have done. Your's will have one of 2 designs. Most common was a tall (2")feathery pump and the short one was a merc small engine pump, but they made 2 shaft diameters just 15 thousands difference, so take a rag and your lower when shopping for parts.(parts guys HATE a mess on their counters).

    I used to run one and have serviced many. I would always use the on board tank as the remote needed to be close to the motor as the fuel pumps were real weak. If I ran out of gas there was always an old oil container full of fuel in the tool box. Just spin the motor 180 and the filler cap was right there. Let the spill dry up before re-start and never had a problem."

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    Default "HEY - You guys are great ! T

    "HEY - You guys are great ! Thanks for the mentoring. This is exactly the information and <u> <font color=""0000ff""> inspiration</font></u> I needed. Now it&#39;s off to the garage to get greazzy. "

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