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    Default "This is my 1st post And woul

    "This is my 1st post
    And would like any thoughts on my problem

    I have a 90hp Honda with gear problems the dogs grate in reverse as if itís out of adjustment. If you remove the remote controls and shift the gears manually it appears to be OK. I removed the bearing carrier and the dogs look OK.I temporarily fitted an ultraflex control box and it was fine.
    I have fitted a new Honda remote control and the reverse gear grates. If I adjust the reverse then I lose the forward gear. And vice versa.


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    Default "To be honest with you, i thin

    "To be honest with you, i think they all do it. Ours has done that ever since we bought it brand new. I think you just have to be firm when you shift it into reverse and don't let it sit on that grinding position."

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