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    Default "I have twin 225 hondas, 2004,

    "I have twin 225 hondas, 2004, with 135 hours. Engines were running fine, suddenly both would not turn over 3500 rpm. Engines run perfectly otherwise. Mechanic says no sensor problems. Previously turned 6000 rpm. Using same props. Not changed or damaged. Any suggestions or ideas?"

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    Default "Any warning lights at all? Do

    "Any warning lights at all? Does mechanic have a Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) device? That should help pinpoint the problem if there is anything amiss with the engines.

    Sounds like it might be a fuel restriction problem somewhere - likely in the fuel line before it goes to the engines, since both engines are experiencing the same problem at the same time. Sensors should have picked up if water in the on-board fuel-water separators, but I would check them anyway. Clean them out thoroughly. Check to make sure your tank breather tube is open - lossen the fuel cap and see if the engines operate normally after a couple of minutes. Check the pump-up bulb to make sure it's not going flat, which would indicate a breather problem. If you have an external fuel-water separator, drain it and check for water. Then check all the connections and make sure you are not pulling in air from a bad seal or gasket on that filter. If all that fails, I would pull the fuel pick-up hose in the tank and make sure it is not blocked."
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