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    Default "I just istalled this motor, a

    "I just istalled this motor, and when i start it lets out 3 or 4 beeps then fine. the motor runs great, but when driving about every 5 minutes it lets out 4 beeps. The oil tank(s) are fine , the motor runs great, but this has me perplexed. Any assitance would be appreciated. i should mention that the oil tank in the boat is from a different model so the sensor has a different plug and is not connected to anything, but my understanding is that the oil tank on the motor is where it takes it"s reading?

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    Default "Grant, the 4 beeps (2 min

    "Grant, the 4 beeps (2 minute intervals) is caused by either a low oil reading OR a detection of water in the fuel.

    Or of course, one of the two sensors is toast.

    Running fresh gas? have a water separating filter?"

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    Default "The boat at for a few years w

    "The boat at for a few years without a motor, and I just out it on. I syphoned teh fuel out and replaced with new gas. I should probably install an inline water filter. It there any way to tell if it is water or oil causing the beep?"

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