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    Default I belive it was here that I fo

    I belive it was here that I found info with a link on how to install a pee hole on top of engines head.It had a pic with it.Dont want to drill in a wrong place.If someone could post that link again PLEASE.Thanks Kris

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    Default "[url=""]http://forums.iboats.

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    Default "Thank you.I have a bigger pro

    "Thank you.I have a bigger problem now.The motor was puffing into the top carb at idle.I cleand the carbs ,they were clean anyway.Adjusted spark advance.Did sync and link.Still the same problemThe motor had no thermostat .At idle it was getting no water to top of the motor.When I drilled a hole to install the pee hole I started it.Every time it would puff into carb it would puff some water through the hole also.At higher rpm the water was coming out slowly but same thing.Every time it would puff into the carb it would puff water through the hole also.Is it a bad head gasket due to overheating or a cracked block?Thaks for any advice.Kris"

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    Default "run a compression ck...it als

    "run a compression ck...it also sounds like the puffing carb,is running lean...ck ign spark,while ur at it."

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    Default "Thats what I was thinking too

    "Thats what I was thinking too.I did all that already.Still the same problem ,it happens like every 5 sec.When it puffs into curb ,it also puffs into the coolig water.Thanks Kris"

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    Default "Thanks,I checked,the compresi

    "Thanks,I checked,the compresion.It was 145 top ,150 bottom.I read somewhere that if the motor overheats you should change the head gusket . So I took the head off.The gusket was gone.Complitly burned but the 2 metal rings seemed ok.With the head off I turned the motor to see the air /fuel mix being pumped into cylinder.The top cylinder is getting a lot more fuel than the bottom one.Shouldn't it be the same ?Did I mess up the carb when I cleanded it?I got to reinstol the head gusket.Any idea how much tourq to use?Hope to get it fixed one day soon.Thanks for all your help.Kris"

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    Default "i may have missed it,in my af

    "i may have missed it,in my after hrs,happy hr...but what eng?"

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    Default "Sorry,it it is 1980 60 hp ev

    "Sorry,it it is 1980 60 hp evinrude.I tried again to see if it would flood but it did not.One thing I noticed today is that when it blows the air/fuel mixture from inside (crancshaft?)into cylinder it has less speed and volume than the bottom cylinder.Would openning the carb a little help even it out?How to check if both carbs are taking in the same amount of air?Carb is not adjustable,I guess nothing can be done there.The more air coming in should pull more fuel in thous corecting the problem.I should remind that the top cylinder puffs back into carb about every 5 seconds at idle.I know the motor has been overheated especially top cylinder.Could that couseded it to loose some compresion in the shaft as it compresses the air before it sends it to the piston?Can fact that the fuel pump runs on this cylinder affected it?I am going to put it back together tomorow and hope for the best.Wish me luck.Thanks for all the help.Kris"

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