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    Default Guys i have above motor.It sta

    Guys i have above motor.It starts in first pull.After it starts it idels for 2-3 minutes and it shuts off.Also when motor starts and i run on full rpm it runs for about minutes then it fires .same sound comes like it comes from car silencer.then motor quickly goes to low rpm and it dies.can any1 tell me what could be problem.also as far i remember it starts only with choke in.but some time it does with choke out
    looks like fuel issue.can any1 please help me out.thank you
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    Default Guys i took for test again to

    Guys i took for test again to lake today.
    I noticed there is no water flowing from cooling system indicator.dont know why.may be engine is overheating and shutting off when leaving running idle or on full rpm.can some1 help me what could be the problem.thx

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    Default "No water from your tell-tale

    "No water from your tell-tale can indicate a cooling problem.

    Even if it is just a stopped up tell-tale line (without overheating) it means that cooling passages may need cleaned.

    Of course, it could also indicate a failure of your water pump and that will cause overheat for sure.

    Do you see any steam out that tell-tale?


    This site has (for your model engine) OM, IM and Shop Manual (SM is a 29MB pdf) for free download."

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    Default Hello Pilotart.Thx for reply.

    Hello Pilotart.Thx for reply.
    i didnot notice any steam from tell-tale.but there is steam coming from exaust(2 small hole) on side of motor )do u think i will be able to clean the passage my self or take it to mechanic.also how do i clean it.do i need any special tool or fluid.
    let me know.thx

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    Default "While I have no specific know

    "While I have no specific knowledge of that particular engine, or your capability, I have found that other outboards (Neptune, Honda BF100, Johnson 50, Evinrude 85 & Yamaha 90) are simple to work on.

    My capability is limited to 'tune-up' of older autos or rebuild of a lawnmower engine. [img][/img]

    Steam from your idle relief ports indicates overheat, I would begin by replacing the water pump and find any 'missing' impeller vanes. If there were still no tell-tale, I would start by removing the side plate or manifold that tell-tale comes from, clean it out as well as test and clean your thermostat. Next level of cooling jacket access involves removal of cylinder head.

    Your Shop Manual may list special tools, but I have found that you can usually do without, but would make job faster if you were doing a lot of them.

    You will probably need penetrating oil to disassemble and will absolutely need Never-Seize or Perfect-Seal for re-assembly.

    I just do a running flush after every sea-water run thoroughly with fresh water, there are solutions of 'salt-away', vinegar or stronger acids that could be tried (in a thirty gallon garbage can as a 'testing-tank') to help remove deposit build-up. Aluminum is not attacked by strong acid, but strong alkali solutions will dissolve aluminum.

    I see that the site I linked above for your Shop Manual seems to be temporarily unavailable or too busy. [img][/img]

    The site below (UK) has all the Honda Shop Manuals available for "Lings Price: 10.00 (incl VAT)" for a PDF Download and your CC will convert your payment for you (most Visa/MC's and PayPal add a couple dollar fee for doing it, so check fine print).


    This would be way less money than purchase of printed manuals.

    For most 'one-time' jobs, your local free library can get manuals for you."

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