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    Default How do you jump the starter.Do

    How do you jump the starter.Do you use a jump wire to connect the two small wires on the starter solenoid? I went from the battery side to the to one of the small wires and got spark.I don't want to screw anything up by shorting out.I'm trying to bypass my key switch to see if it has a short.I'm not getting spark to my plugs.

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    Default On the starter you have a Grou

    On the starter you have a Ground and Positive to Solenoid (Red) simply apply a direct POSITIVE to this lead and it crank yes a little spark but its ok
    What basally you are doing is bypassing the Solenoid with direct Positive voltage
    If your engine is a magneto type leave the ignition wires connected and switched on if not you can ruin your charging system like your regulator if you have one installed.

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    Default "Rick, There are different pa

    There are different parts of the ignition switch that do different things. Most modern carb 2 stroke ignition systems are self powered. The key switch grounds out a kill terminal on the power pack to stop the engine. The battery supply to the ignition switch is switched to accessory in the on position, the starter solinoid in the start position, and the primer solinoid when pushed in. No battery voltage is supplied to the ignition system at any time.

    As for troubleshooting, I would suggest a service manual might be a good investment. The factory manuals are always best. Andrew has a good assortment of aftermarket manuals on this website if you search."

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    Default "If you play with those little

    "If you play with those little terminals on the solenoid, you will burn up the neutral start switch should you hook them together and then try the ignition switch. One little terminal comes from the key switch and the other goes to ground- via the neutral start switch. If you want to jump it, get a jumper from the big terminal of the battery and jump it to the little terminal that comes from the key switch."

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    Default Rick disconect the large red p

    Rick disconect the large red plug on the port side of the engine.

    Get some wire about 1ft long will do and touch one end to the positive side of the solenoid (we need 12v) the touch the wire onto the small yellow wire which will activate the solenoid.

    By disconecting the red plug you are bypassing the stop switch and wiring running upto the control box.

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    Default jump wire goes to the top smal

    jump wire goes to the top small nut or the bottom? Both wires are the same color brown.Thanks for the replies.

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    Default "Rick.... How to properly jump

    "Rick.... How to properly jump the starter solenoid properly.

    Notice the two 3/8" nut terminals on the solenoid. Now, notice that one of them has a wire that connects directly to a ground on the powerhead. This is the terminal that you DO NOT want to connect the jumper to.

    Connect a small jumper wire from the battery cable connection of the solenoid to the other 3/8" nut of the solenoid. This will cause the solenoid to energize."
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    Default "joe i can't tell witch on

    "joe i can't tell witch one is going to ground they are taped up tight.What would happen if jumped the wrong one,because i think i did that yesterday sparks and the starter did not move."

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    Default I just jumped the starter the

    I just jumped the starter the small top nut on the solenoid was the correct one.

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    Default I believe one terminal has an

    I believe one terminal has an "S" imprinted in the plastic next to it and the other has an "I". The "S" is the terminal needed to activate the starter.

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