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Thread: Honda 150hp

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    Default "Help....I have a 2006 150 wit

    "Help....I have a 2006 150 with 13 hours on it and was running it tonight and it just shut down. I checked the fuel lines etc and found no issues there but it would not fire at all. I had to use trolling motor to get back. Also, how is Honda's Waranty.? I've only had the boat 1 month, it was a dealer demo with 1 hour on it when purchased. Any help would be appreciated."

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    Default "Did any warning lights come o

    "Did any warning lights come on? If so, let us know. If not, first - check the kill switch and make sure it is properly seated. Second, make sure engine is in neutral before trying to re-start.

    I've had very good experience with Honda's 5-year extended warranty, but that is because I'm working with a top notch dealer who is the owner's advocate. So if you need to take it to a dealer, take it to the best in the area."
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    Default "Thanks for the response...I d

    "Thanks for the response...I did check the kill switch and actually took it off and reattached a couple of times, I thought that was what happened by the way the engine quit but unfortunately not. The engine was in neutral and no warning warning lights came on either.?"

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    Default "Check all your on-board fuses

    "Check all your on-board fuses. If they check out, then I'd take it to a Honda dealer and have them run the diagnostics. With only 13 hours, every thing should be covered under warranty."
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    Default "Just an idea, try hooking up

    "Just an idea, try hooking up a new wiring harness and see if it cranks up. I had this problem a few years back on a yamaha, after they almost completely dismantled my motor ,they decided to try this and that was the problem."

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    Default Check your battery connections

    Check your battery connections I had a 2002 115 and the positive batt lead came loose and the motor shut right down with no warning just a though

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    Default Check the back of your kill sw

    Check the back of your kill switch to make sure all connections are good.
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    Default "Thanks alot for the response&

    "Thanks alot for the response's guy's, I really appreciate it !!

    The problem ended up being the fuel pump had locked up. The mechanic said that although he had not found any evidence of contaminated gas he thought that was the issue being the boat had sat on the dealers lot for some time. In the end Honda Warranty covered the repair.

    Thanks Again for the help."

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