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    Default "Any ideas would be much appre

    "Any ideas would be much appreciated...

    My 1988 40 hp Evinrude has trouble starting & sometimes it won't start at all (at least I quit trying before it does). But if it does start, it runs flawlessly for the rest of the day even if I cut it on and off. So the initial start is the only problem. I've been starting it the same way for years and this has only developed in the last year or two, so I don't think it's human error (choking it too much, etc.)

    I don't know much about these things, but I thought about running a carburetor cleaner through it. Is this is a good idea? If so, what kind should I buy? If not, what should I do?


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    Default If it runs well and idles as i

    If it runs well and idles as it should then it is rather unlikely that the carb needs cleaning. The only way to clean effectively is to dismantle and clean all the jets and passages properly.

    This has primer pump as opposed to a flap type choke ?? I think therefore the first thing to do is check that it is operating properly.

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    Default "Thanks for the response. To a

    "Thanks for the response. To answer your question, I don't know for sure but I don't think so. There's a bulb on the gas line that I have to prime before cranking, so I'm thinking not. I'm ignorant, obviously.


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    Default "That motor should have the pr

    "That motor should have the primer solinoid as opposed to a real choke. Look for a red lever that has what looks like a tire valve sticking out the top. Try turning that lever counter-clockwise when starting. If that helps, either the primer solinoid or the key switch or wiring has issues. Make sure you are advancing the throttle slightly when starting."

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    Default "Dcramer - I tried turning

    "Dcramer -

    I tried turning the red lever and she cranked right up.

    I know you said it would either be a problem with the solenoid itself, the key switch or the wiring.

    Is there any way to narrow it down?

    Do you know about how much I could expect to pay a mechanic to fix something like this?

    I think he's charging between $40 and $50 an hour. Didn't know how involved it would be.

    Thanks for your time."

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    Default Any mechanic should be able to

    Any mechanic should be able to fix the problem in an hour as long as there isnt anything major wrong

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    Default "Have someone press the key in

    "Have someone press the key in while you listen at the primer solenoid for a clicking sound.

    If no sound, possibly the ignition switch isn't providing the voltage to it.

    If a click is heard.... have the fuel primer bulb primed up hard, then remove one of the small primer hoses that lead from that solenoid to the engine (at the engine side), then press the key in. Fuel should shoot out of that small hose if all is well. Let us know what you find."
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    Default Thanks. I can hear the cli


    I can hear the clicking noise. My neighbor brought a voltage meter over and power is definitely getting to it. Does that mean it's the solenoid itself?

    I haven't had time to try step two (pulling the hose). I think I understand. I should be able to do it Thursday.

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    Default "(Fuel Primer Solenoid Fun

    "(Fuel Primer Solenoid Function)
    (J. Reeves)

    The RED lever...... The normal operating/running position is to have that red lever positioned over top of the solenoid and aimed at the other end of the solenoid, gently turned to its stop. This is the normal/automatic mode position. Pushing the key in opens the valve within the solenoid allowing fuel to pass thru it in order to prime and start the engine. Looking upon this solenoid as a electric choke results in a better understanding of it.

    Having that red lever turned in the opposite direction, facing away from the solenoid, allows fuel to flow thru it to the crankcase area. One would only turn the red lever to this position in a case where the battery might go dead and the engine had to be started via the rope pull method. Look upon putting the red lever in this position as moving a choke lever on a choke equipped engine to the full closed position. Either one would supply fuel to the crankcase/engine for starting purposes BUT if left in that position while running would flood the engine.

    The later model primer solenoids are equipped with a schrader valve, used for attaching a pressurized can of fogging oil etc, available at your local dealership with complete instructions.

    Pumping the fuel primer bulb up hard fills the carburetor float chambers of course, but that process also applies fuel pressure to the primer solenoid.

    The two small hoses leading from the primer solenoid branch off via tees to each fuel manifold section that would feed fuel to the individual cylinders.

    Pushing the key in activates the primer solenoid to allow fuel to flow thru it to the intake manifold passageways. Cranking the engine over causes the fuel pump to engage which in turn sends fuel pulses to the primer solenoid via the 3/8" fuel hose.

    Some engines incorporates the "Fast Start" feature which automatically advances the spark electronically so no advance of the throttle is required for starting.
    Engines that do not have the "Fast Start" feature will be required to have the throttle advanced slightly.

    Starting procedure: pump fuel bulb up hard, crank engine and push the key in at the same time. When the engine fires/starts, release the key so that it falls back to the run position.

    Bottom line..... Look upon the primer solenoid as an electric choke.

    Thousands of parts in my remaining stock. Not able to list them all. Let me know what you need and I'll look it up for you. Visit my eBay store at:

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