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    Default Hey guys. Doing a valve job o

    Hey guys. Doing a valve job on a 85 B100L 9.9hp outboard. I've ordered all parts but have some questions.

    1. Should I use any sort of sealant on the gasket surfaces?

    2. What's the proper order of the 3 parts of the exhaust/intake gasket?

    3. What's the best way to clean/prep the mating cylinder head surfaces?

    Thanks! For your help!

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    Default "1. Head Gaskets are usually i

    "1. Head Gaskets are usually installed without sealant, I recall using aluminum paint on Hudson Six's that commonly blew HG's. Only HG Sealant available now would be High Temp Copper Compound from KW or Permatex.

    2. The heavy metal backed gasket is first, then the flat stainless steel plate, then the light 'paper' gasket. Again, the expert opinion is 'dry' gaskets, after I see a seep, I do it over with gasket compound. [img][/img] (You can use RTV Sparingly here, too much will block water flow.)

    3. Take your head to an automotive/marine machine shop for surfacing. This would be the same place to have the valves done. They can easily heli arc weld new aluminum to fill any corrosion-gone metal needed to insure a good seal.

    Be sure to run a metric tap (make a blind hole 'thread chaser' by grinding the 'point' off a standard tap) through all bolt holes. Assemble with a coat of Never-Seize on all bolts, torque to specs."

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    Default Great answer Pilotart- only th

    Great answer Pilotart- only thing I would add is don't forget the "O" ring in the head gasket for the oil galley near the bottom of the head.

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