"I have a 2 year old 5hp honda outboard with about 10 hours of total run time. I emptied the fuel in the fall and stored it in my warm garage over the winter. This week I tried to start it and it wouldn't turn over at all. After pulling for a long time I tried spraying starting fluid into the the air intake. With the starting fluid, the engine kicked over but shut down as soon as the starting fluid was burned. I used new fuel, The carb fuel bowl has fuel in it, The plug is good, I removed the carb and cleaned it with carb cleaner. I removed the float, The pin, and jet to make sure everything was clean. I put it back together but unfortunately had the same result. I can pull the cord forever and it won't start. If I spray some more starting fluid it starts for a few seconds and dies. Can someone please let me know if there is anything more I can do. As a note; the odd thing I found was the jet screw was screwed all the way down tight. I tried adjusting the screw but no change. The jet screw is so loose when I backed off that I doubt you can run the engine unless it is all the way down and tight.