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    Default "Not sure how to explain this,

    "Not sure how to explain this, when I started my engine this year to get it ready I noticed that the lower engine housing started filling with water.

    The engine seems to run fine, the oil doesn't have water in it near as i can tell. No foam.

    I'm pretty sure something is wrong I'm thinking water pump, but I'm not familiar with these types of things at all. Although I have fixed pumps and such on car engines.

    Anyone know what this is and how to go about fixing it also what kind of skill level is this... ?"

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    Default "Does your tell-tale (pee-

    "Does your tell-tale (pee-hole) have water coming out when running?

    Run with cover off and look for a misplaced or leaking water hose, tell-tale line would be first to check.

    My ancient BF100 has a bypass water line from near water inlet to the block, up to near the thermostat location and a leak would fill the lower housing.

    Generally a lot easier than car engines, get yourself a shop or service manual for your engine.


    Search above for a pdf downloadable Honda Shop Manual, (Lings Price: 10.00 = about $15 US Dollars) or for a Seloc hard copy or online:


    And here is a free 29 MB download of an 8-15 Hp Honda BF8B/BF10 & BF15 HONDA shop Manual:


    (The above pdf covers non-USA HONDA versions, is written in English with Eastern Europe subtitles.)"

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    Default It does have water coming out

    It does have water coming out of the tale tail.
    At the back (side of the prop) of the engine at the base I can see water coming out some place but can't tell where ....

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    Default "It seems to be where the engi

    "It seems to be where the engine connects the
    cowling, on the back side of the engine. How difficult is it to take the lower cowling away from the engine?"

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    Default "It would depend on any corros

    "It would depend on any corrosion binding any bolts or fittings, (ALWAYS use anti-seize compound when reinstalling any bolts or splines).

    Here is where you need the Shop Manual for your engine.

    My old BF100 (1986 10 Hp) has about eight or nine bolts, (three or four well hidden) that hold the engine block and crankshaft to the lower cowling or Oil Pan.

    There is a composite gasket to seal the oil pan and an 'O' Ring at the juncture of the water passage through to the block. This is not a likely source of a water leak.

    On this engine, after the before mentioned hoses and clamps, would be the gaskets sealing the intake/exahust manifold that also contains the thermostat and water passages for tell-tale and exit of cooling water into exhaust.

    The head gasket could also fail, allowing leak of water and usually a combustion chamber leak as well."

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    Default "How to tell what year it is?

    "How to tell what year it is? I'm trying to get a seloc manual and I'm not sure what year it is, I think it's a 93..
    Looks like something is cracked down there..."

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    Default "Model number is more importan

    "Model number is more important than year, serial number is important.

    My Honda BF75/BF100/BF8A Shop Manual covered all years up to publication date and had within changes by serial number range.

    Seloc should be the same idea, I have never seen one. The generic service manuals often have DIY tips that Factory Manuals do not, your local Free Library is also an excellent source.

    I do have a Clymer manual to supplement the Yahama P60P/70P/90P Service Manual for my 1991 90TLRP and it covers all Yahama 2 Stroke Outboards and JetDrives from 2-225 Hp from 1983-89, but I would not be without my Yahama Service Manual."

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    Default BAAL 110053...? Seloc is a

    BAAL 110053...?

    Seloc is asking me for the year to complete registration I fear it will only give me that year and if I'm wrong...

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