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    Default "I have a 1972 Gamefisher 217.

    "I have a 1972 Gamefisher 217.59450 with what appears to be a carb problem. The engine appears to run a little lean, a little hard to start but then runs great for about 2 minutes then dies. If I pump up the bulb (which is firm) and force a little more fuel into the carb it will keep running. If I let it die and then pull the carb it appears to have plenty of fuel in it. I have put a carb kit in it and tried many float level settings and no change. The fuel pump element is installed at the recommended 45 degree angle. Any ideas?"

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    Default "That eska engine. was their l

    "That eska engine. was their long term "cheap" motor -I was kind of a throw away by modern standards. The bigges weakness was their bottom crank seal. If a carb cleaning and ignition service couldn't get them going, it was most likely the bottom seal. And what a buggar some models could be.

    So back to your problem. If you are running a remote tank- you need to put the tank as close and high as you can to the engine. That little fuel pump could not lift fuel very high.

    Next is the second fuel source --the on board tank- it needs to be shut off, or the motor gets air. If that shut off valve to the onboard tank leaks just a little, it will act like you say.

    The engine has a water pump. If it is not pumping, the bottom bearing can get real hot- check the paint on the under side of the power head and see if it is all burned off.

    Your idle mixture may be just a touch lean, and the effect is cumulative. The idle mixture and main jet adjustment (if it has one) work together to supply the fuel for mid range and better throttle settings. If you adjust the idle- it effects the main jet adjustment. Lets hope it's that simple. "

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