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Thread: Honda BF2D

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    Default "My 2hp Honda ran as normal on

    "My 2hp Honda ran as normal on its first use for about 20 minutes a week ago. Yesterday, it started as normal, ran for about 4 seconds and died. I was unable to restart it. I took it home, checked the external choke and throttle linkages and they were fine. The plug was not fouled and looked perfect. This morning, I tried to start it again, it ran for about 4 seconds and died again and would not restart. What would be the most likely reasons? Any help would be appreciated."

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    Default "Sounds like the onboard tank

    "Sounds like the onboard tank has some obstruction. Or?? the supply valve is off. Takr the fuel line off the carb and blow thru it --see if it is a clear shot to the tank. If it has the remote tank adaptor, you can not run the remote fuel tank with the onboard tank open."

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    Default "Thanks for the reply. I chec

    "Thanks for the reply. I checked the fuel line and it is ok. Also, drained and dropped the fuel bowl from the carburetor cleaned and dried it. There have been some problems with the 10% ethanol fuel in outboards and snowmobiles and wondered if there was some water there. I also checked the sparkplug and made sure it was sparking. Anyway, after draining all of the old fuel that I treated with the "pink" Stabl, I replaced it with the "blue" marine Stabl because there have been problems with the new ethanol gas creating more water. In short, same problem. It still runs only for 3 to 5 seconds, if I wait about 8 hours between tries. My guess is that this is a carburetor problem. Some sort of partial blockage that only allows enough fuel flow initally when choked but not enough to keep running. Anyone have any other ideas?

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    Default "If you go after the carb, you

    "If you go after the carb, you will find jets in there so fine you can't get the smallest jet gauge thru them. So be careful blowing them clean or they will scoot across the room and gone for good. All our hondas ran on ethanol 10% and we never had a problem. There is so little fuel involved with that engine- you might consider just running all the gas out of it after each trip. I used to store mine in an empty quart oil container.

    One other way to clean that carb in an emergency is to rev it up to about 2000 rpm and pull the choke,-this woulds vacuum the small stuff out of the fuel jets-sometimes.

    The fuel requirements for this engine are so small that they are easy to contaminate. Can you tell me how long can you keep it running on the choke? (which would indicate a lean condition)"

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    Default It will only run 4 to 5 second

    It will only run 4 to 5 seconds tops with the choke. This morning I tried leaving the choke out rather than immediately closing it (the usual procedure) with no change. Someone responded directly to me by email and wondered whether there was a problem with the fuel shut off mechanism. He suggested taking the carburetor bowl off and opening the shut off to see of fuel flows freely thru there.

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    Default "I have a 2 year old 5hp honda

    "I have a 2 year old 5hp honda outboard with about 10 hours of total run time. I emptied the fuel in the fall and stored it in my warm garage over the winter. This week I tried to start it and it wouldn't turn over at all. After pulling for a long time I tried spraying starting fluid into the the air intake. With the starting fluid, the engine kicked over but shut down as soon as the starting fluid was burned. I used new fuel, The carb fuel bowl has fuel in it, The plug is good, I removed the carb and cleaned it with carb cleaner. I removed the float, The pin, and jet to make sure everything was clean. I put it back together but unfortunately had the same result. I can pull the cord forever and it won't start. If I spray some more starting fluid it starts for a few seconds and dies. Can someone please let me know if there is anything more I can do. As a note; the odd thing I found was the jet screw was screwed all the way down tight. I tried adjusting the screw but no change. The jet screw is so loose when I backed off that I doubt you can run the engine unless it is all the way down and tight.


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    Default "Last evening, I drained the c

    "Last evening, I drained the carburetor bowl, then opened the fuel cut off valve to see if the valve was faulty. It was fine as a steady stream of fuel came into the carburetor bowl. Again, it started, ran for about 5 seconds and died, and couldn't be restarted. (Always seems to take about 7 or 8 hours of rest before it will briefly restart.) So I'm left with assuming the problem is in the carburetor. The problem Joe mentions is similar to mine. Anyway, I've ordered a new carburetor and hope that solves the problem. The only other thing I can think of would be if the kill switch is defective, but I think that would be quite a stretch. Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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    Default "Kill switch just un plugs- so

    "Kill switch just un plugs- so you might try that-even as a long shot. You might hook up a spark tester to the plug (either a timing light or a spark jumper) and see if the ignition dies and the motor stops, or the motor stops and the ignition runs to the last spin of the flywheel."

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    Default "Solution found. The solution

    "Solution found. The solution is embarrassing but the problem was the sparkplug. Even though it looked good and produced a spark, the installation of a new $2 sparkplug worked, and the outboard is now running fine. Thanks for the help William."

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