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    Default "Okay here is the story...I ha

    "Okay here is the story...I have a 1977 slickcraft with 190hp ford 302 stringer stern drive. Has not been run in almost ten years....

    I I got to the point where I was ready to try. I put battery it...and hit switch and and she turned right over (the guy before did fog it thank god). But i get no spark. I looked at the points and condensor no rust or corrosion and point gap seems okay.....

    It seems like a coil or maybe a kill switch on shifter for starting.

    I got no manual with boat.

    Do the stern drives have to be in down position to start?

    What should I start checking and in what order? Should I just change the distributor cap, points, rotor, condensor and coil and see if it works...seems like a shame the cap and points and condensor look brand new and the previous owner said he changed everything, tuned it up, and then stored it.

    The boat is in pristine shape so I really hope I can get it going..."

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    Default "take an emory board and file

    "take an emory board and file the points, or just replace them"

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    Default Okay.....got her to start.....

    Okay.....got her to start.....but can't keep it runing without pouring fuel into the Carb. I checked at the canister filter and I have fuel there so the pump is working. I engine was fogged prior to laying up over 5 years ago (thank God). I think maybe I have some gunk left over from that and then add in varnish from the old gas drying. Do you think I can spay carb clean in it and see if it will run.....Or don't waste my time and just rebuild it completly? I will tell you though....the help / suggestions i got here was spot on. Thanks everyone.....

    And she does purr like a kitten when running....and only 120 hours on the hour meter....I am dying to get this on the water

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    Default Stored for 10 years? Pull the

    Stored for 10 years?
    Pull the carb!

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    Default "Yep rebuild the carb, check t

    "Yep rebuild the carb, check the filter at the fitting that enters the carb, the filter in the fuel pump, and the fuel pickup tube and anti-syphin vavle.

    Me i would run it on a external tank of gas."

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    Default Put it In a test tank so you c

    Put it In a test tank so you can determine if the water pump is working.make sure that its circulating and the heads stay cool after you get its fuel system finished.

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