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    Default I have a Honda 8hp outboard th

    I have a Honda 8hp outboard that will start and run but the green oil light will not come on. I have tested the light and it is fine. The oil sending unit checks out as well. Can anyone suggest possible causes? It is a very low hour unit that is used as a kicker.

    Much thanks for any leads !

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    Default "Time to screw an oil gauge in

    "Time to screw an oil gauge into the sensor hole and find out if it is telling the truth.

    That oil pump was driven off the bottom of the cam shaft and it was tiny. They optimistically put a pressure relief valve in it that was held in place by the pump it's self. That may be stuck open.You can test your oil pressure by the pull cord. If the needle jumps, then you can start it.

    This light ran off the charge circuit. (that is why it flickers-AC) If that fails, no light."

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