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    Oct 2006
    virginia beach, va,

    Default "I just can't get enough t

    "I just can't get enough time in reading all the great tip provided here.Thanks! I am going to replace my gimbal bearing and seal and I see the manual shows the notches on the bearing going on towards the inside. I am sure the old one was the opposite and seemed to work. What is the difference in operation of the bearing if it was backwards? Which way does the seal face, lip in or out? Does the bellows reinstall on the bell housing first and then the transom? Are there ever concerns with the grommet at the intake pipe leakingwhen replacing the intake hose? I know it took a lot of wiggling to get it off and I'd hate to start over if I meesed it up. It looks like it is tough to get to on the inside, any thoughts?"

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    Jun 2006
    Spotswood, NJ, USA

    Default "notches aft if you prefer to

    "notches aft if you prefer to replace only the bearing next time.There was a time that you could by aftermarket bearings ,but no more.
    If you mean the inner grease seal behind the bearing I`d go lips to the bearing not the motor
    bellows are glued on the housing first then the transom end
    the inlet tube is almost never removed to replace just the hose from the gimbal to transom.If you mean getting loose from removing or installing the new hose, No."

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    Oct 2006
    virginia beach, va,

    Default "I had a hole in the bellows a

    "I had a hole in the bellows and when I removed it I found oil or liquified grease amounting to about a 1/3 cups worth. I'm trying to guess where it came from, the outdrive or somewhere else. I haven't checked the level on the outdrive yet but how likely is it from the outdrive if it was only immeresed in the saltwater a couple of times before I noticed the leaking bellows."

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    Jul 2008
    Northboro, Ma, USA

    Default "It most likely came from the

    "It most likely came from the ujoints bieng greased annually as they should be with enough grease to squeeze some out and also the gimbal itself if it has a grease fitting at 4 oclock it should be overgreased and that grease ends up in the bellows

    If you suspect the outdrive, drian the gearlube and pressure check to 15 psi and it should hold for 2 minutes with no leak down."
    Northborough Ma
    Helping others sometimes with an attitude....haha..

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    Default sells just the g sells just the gimbel bearing that if you have a late bearing with two grooves in it you just turn the bearing 90 degrees and pull it out. Replace the new bearing in reverse order. So easy. To replace the seal the whole bearing mount must be removed. Instructions are on there website.

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