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    Default "Thanks to all the experts who

    "Thanks to all the experts who post on here (helping out the 'not so smart' ones like me).

    Here's my problem:
    - Motor used to smoke and be hard to start
    - I replaced every hose/fitting/clamp in the fuel line and startup and idle is much much better (quickstart solenoid kicks right in). BUT, motor still smokes like a freight train during idle. So, obviously part of the problem was an air leak into the fuel line somewhere.
    - I can't figure out why it's still smoking. Could it be the recirc valves?--I checked the ones in the block and they seemed ok (didn't check the one inside the intake manifold yet). Could there be another leak somewhere?
    - I replaced the VRO pump with a new one and it smokes just like the old one (so obviously I spent $$ on a new pump that I didn't apparently need).

    Thanks in advance for any advice on what to try next!"

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    Default "u did not..waste..money...swi

    "u did not..waste..money...switch,to synthetic..2 strokes,(oil burners) ARE going to smk..loosen,oil tank cap...may be pressurizing..rare..but,does occur..ck for air leaks,in fuel line/system....lack of fuel--more oil."

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    Default "thanks jwbmarine. i had actua

    "thanks jwbmarine. i had actually already switched to synthetic and it still smokes. i also tried loosening the oil tank cap and fuel tank cap while the engine was running but the smoke level did not change.

    i have no problem with the 2-stroke smoking when i first crank it every time, but after a few seconds all that oil should be burned off. my motor just keeps chugging smoke. the mechanic at the local evinrude dealer already confirmed that there are no more fuel leaks also (since he swapped out every inch of the fuel lines).

    so, i'm still stumped. thanks for the suggestions though."

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    Default "after a few seconds----negati

    "after a few seconds----negative!.....is this the first,lg eng u have had?...this is a sincere question,not meant,to harrass..run it hard..then idle....i preach this every week,and every week,i have to justify it.....
    a 150 or lrgr,..is not meant to idle,all day long,...i just disagree..they WILL load up.....if u want to troll for hrs,get a kicker mtr...
    I personallyhave a 97 200,johnson..on the hard to start--how...r u starting it?....
    what could help ur idle,possibly,is to chg out the recirculation valves...easy...makes a huge diff,..IF,u have a prob there..and i'll bet a nickel,they r original..........."

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    Default "This is a 'naughty' t

    "This is a 'naughty' test of leaking membrane in the fuel pump, which may cause what You are experiencing.
    Start the engine and monitor the VRO pump and its 'clicks'. Best is if You have a fuel pressure gauge on the pump outlet. When pump (fuel) pressure is at maximum, block the out and shut down the engine.
    The pressure should remain stable! If pressure is dropping rather fast, the fuel membrane is most likely leaking causing the oil pump to be overactive.
    Another way is to hook up a seperate 2% fuel tank straight to the carbs, by-passing the vro. (use the bulb as pump). Keep the original fuel line connected, but block the fuel out from VRO. Start the engine -the VRO should no make no more strokes/clicks. Be sure to bleed out air from the VRO before blocking the out."

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    Default "thanks morten. i understand w

    "thanks morten. i understand what you're saying. however, (1) I swapped out the VRO pump for a new one and the motor still smoked (so the odds of having two bad/leaking membranes is rare), and (2) the mechanic told me he checked the VRO pump and it was behaving as it should (of course, I don't know if he did the same test you're talking about).

    jwbmarine, yes, 2 strokes smoke, but i'm pretty sure they're not supposed to leave a trail of smoke everywhere they go. my dad's '98 225 johnson venom (on his boat) doesn't even remotely act the way my vindicator now does (my motor used to not smoke this way). the recirc valves are original, so you are correct there. even though i checked them to make sure they would open when doing the "rubbing alcohol passing through them via syringe" test, perhaps one or more are "stuck open."

    i'm just wondering if anyone else out there has had a motor constantly smoke and fixed the problem by replacing the recirculation valves. maybe my ex-girlfriend put a curse on my motor now that we're broke up and I don't take her out on the lake anymore. that would also explain my motor's bizarre behavior.

    thanks for the feedback and suggestions so far. keep 'em comin' !"

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    Default "I don't have the history

    "I don't have the history on your motor, but I'll share an experience I had... A relative was using my boat and the 6 gal gas can tilted into the bilge and caused the engine to run out of gas. He cranked and cranked while the VRO filled the carbs and everything else with oil. I swam out, righted the gas can, pumped up the bulb and started the engine. It smoked...and smoked...and smoked for the next 4-5 hours of operation that included some extensive high throttle runs. Finally I pulled the hoses off the recirc valves and used a syringe to draw all the fluid out of the crankcases. I pulled out nearly 2 ounces of oil even after all that running. The smoke cleared shortly, and it's been great ever since. Might be something to check, as it seems you have covered all the bases with regard to fuel leaks and VRO operation.


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