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    Default "Honda BF10 (2006)I re

    "Honda BF10 (2006)I recently serviced the engine, oil change top and bottom,fitted new plugs,filters and other parts suggested by service agent. Engine ticks over ok and engine speed increases when choke is lifted, however when put into gear the unit only reaches half revs/power. Had the carb apart and cleaned in ultrasonic bath, but no joy. The engine power just isn't there. What have i done wrong? Can anyone help?"

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    Default Try checking the o=ring in the

    Try checking the o=ring in the fuel line connector also make sure the fuel tank vent is open.

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    Default "Sounds like you bought a bad

    "Sounds like you bought a bad spark plug. Get your timing light and make sure both plugs are firing. Think you will find one (a new one) is bad. Just a note- I took care of a fleet of 7.5 honda rental boats, and those little buggars never needed a spark plug less the cam belt had stretched,-"

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