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    Default "Hello, Yesterday we picked


    Yesterday we picked up our Grandbanks for the summer and we a lot of white smoke during full throttle ( port engine ). Might it be possilble that the cooling system needs to be cleaned? If so, any suggestions on how to do this the easy way?

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    Default It probably is associated with

    It probably is associated with cooling. I had the same problem with my port engine on a GB. I rebuilt both raw water pumps and the problem went away. I did check the heat exchangers but there was any fouling. The impellers in the RW pumps were very bad.

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    Default "G'Day, Dennis,

    "G'Day, Dennis,
    Need more info for a educated guess.
    1. Eng temp at time of smoke?
    2. What rpm @wot?
    3. Are you loosing any coolant?
    4. Has engine been over heated?
    5. Has coolant been allowed to freeze?
    6. Does engine start easy and idle SMOOTHLY?
    7. Does the eng exhaust beat sound even no miss? Which model.

    Cheers Shakey"

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