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    Default "I have a 2007 DF90 with 20 ho

    "I have a 2007 DF90 with 20 hours. When I tried to start it for the first time this year, the check engine light did not go off after 2seconds. The alarm signal is four beeps, four light blinks, 2 beeps and 2 light blinks. It just keeps repeating.

    Acording to the manual I pushed the key in, the beeping stops but the blinking lights continue and the engine will not crank.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!"

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    Default "Just finished with the boat m

    "Just finished with the boat mechanic. He told me the fuel pump is bad and Susuki will not stand behind it because it is caused by Ethenol. This motor has 20 hours, I purchased everything new. He also told me that I would be replacing it every year. What is going on??


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    Default "Mike, That sounds shady to


    That sounds shady to me. I have had no problems with my 2003 DF 50 with ethanol gas. I'd call Suzuki and get to the bottom of it. I'd also buy Stabil's ethanol fuel treatment additive which combats the affects of ethanol. How was this determined by your mechanic?"

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    Default "Chatlee Service manager said

    "Chatlee Service manager said the pump was not coming on when you turn the ignition on. The gas tank is clean. The 4beeps 4blinks, 2beeps 2 blinks will not clear. This seems to be the problem with the Susuki Motor. Supposedly varnish from the gas is doing this. I have a water seperator and I checked the line and no water was there.

    This is a nightmare!"

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    Default It's not shady. Ethanol is

    It's not shady. Ethanol is very corrosive. Throw your Stabil away and go find someone who sells Sentry rx and Sentry gas plus.

    I have a customer who comes to florida once a year this year he came to me with a no start problem when he arrived. We diagnosed it as the fuel pump not comming on. We pulled the vapor seperator and you would have to see it to beleave it . It was junk!! New VST and injector cleaning off he went.

    You both need to Google the effects of Ethanol fuel when it is left in your fuel system for to long. It phase seperates and it is down right evil!!! Stabil dose nothing to protect your fuel system with Ethanol. Sentry Rx and Sentry gas plus It dose what it sez's it dose period!!!

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    Default Well Thanks for the insight.

    Well Thanks for the insight. I have read quite a bit on Ethanol. I have not heard of or seen the 2 additives you mentioned but will keep an eye out for them. Please tell me what Stabil does not do that Sentry will. Just curious.

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    Default "Heres is some info from the r

    "Heres is some info from the rep. This came from the florida sportsman fourm.

    Thank you John for replying to my email and voicing your concerns. I really appreciate the time you took to write me and thanks for buying Sentry. I want to set your mind at ease about our product and will answer any questions as clearly as I can. If it isn't clear, please write back and let me know.

    First, Sentry isn't an emulsifier in the sense of all the other emulsifiers on the market. Let me explain. Except for Sentry, every other emulsifier is made from Isopropyl Alcohol. Using alcohol does the same thing as Ethanol where it absorbs water and forms a misture- not a mixture. A misture is when the molecules of two, or more, substances intertwine, but they don't actually combine. So, with this misture, the water still exists as water and will ultimately drop back out of the alcohol. You do not want this in your boat because of the harm it will still do. Let me give you an example, if you add 1oz of water to 1oz of Isopropyl Alcohol, how many ounces do you have. Most would guess 2 ounces. This is wrong. Because it is a misture, it makes 1.75 ounces. Again, this is because the molecules take up the same space without actually combining.

    Sentry is completely different. It is not made from alcohol. Sentry forms a mixture by hydrostaticly changing the water from water into a combustible solution. The water ceases to exist as water. As such, you don't get any of the harmful effects of water or alcohol in your system. This is why it is called "the new technology in fuel treatments" because nobody else is doing what this product does. Further, unlike alcohol, the water never drops out of Sentry which allows Sentry to make the claim of stabilizing fuel for 3-5 years. I wish you could have been at the show tonight because I proved this with the little bottles you saw on the Bill Miller show. Anyways, Sentry further allows the mixture to pass through a 2 micron filter which means that it will never do any harm to your fuel system.

    For the cylinders themselves, it is an old drag racers trick to add water injection through the carb(s) and into the cylinders. They did this because water doesn't compress like gasoline so it gives more horsepower and, at the same time, cleans the carbon deposits of the inside of the engine. So, having water in the combustion chamber isn't a bad thing. As such, having the Sentry mixture in the engine- burning water- gives you more power which translate to either acceleration or mileage depending on how you drive. Further, Sentry improves the octane rating of the fuel, so you get a better burn anyways.

    I hope this answers your questions and that you now try the product in your boat. Please feel free to send any other concerns or questions you may have.
    Jason <><

    Hope this helps I have seen the test. like I said it really works."

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    Default "I'm sold!! Thanks for th

    "I'm sold!! Thanks for the info! Who usually carries this product?...I'm on the West coast, CA."

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    Default "[url=""]http://sentrytreatmen

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