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    Default I have a McCullochwitha tag nu

    I have a McCullochwitha tag number of 700340D111862
    Can anyone give me any info such as date or anything else? It has a fitting on the side of the lower unit that looks like a hose would go on it.

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    Default "Jeff, your numbers 700340D te

    "Jeff, your numbers 700340D tell me that it's a 1968 twin cylinder 9 horse model.

    Don't know what the fitting is that you mention. Could be a hook up to flush the motor with a garden hose after running in salt/dirty water, but that is purely a guess.

    McCulloch mostly stopped marine production around 1965 and simply ran out their parts over the next few years until the last McCulloch came off the line in 1969 (production mostly continued because they were under contract with Sears to supply outboards for the Elgin line until 69).

    They had barely been building outboards for 10 years at that point (bought out the old Scott-Atwater operation).

    After they got out of the marine business most of their engineers/builders moved on to Chrysler.

    Eventually McCulloch small engine was sold out to MTD but McCulloch kept most of their patents so parts for older products can be somewhat difficult to locate even though the McCulloch name lives on.

    However, one good source for general maintenance parts is www.laingsoutboards.com

    And that's my history lesson for today [img][/img]"

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    Default Re: I have a McCullochwitha tag nu

    I have a 1968 just like it.It has a self bailer hooked to the fitting.

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    Default Re: I have a McCullochwitha tag nu

    The fitting is a for a self bailer just like a bilge pump.A hose connects to it on the other end is a small steel cylinder with a screen.

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