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    Default Thanks for your previous help

    Thanks for your previous help identifying my motor. I got the conversions kit for my 1985 25XD. Everthing is good to go except the instructions for the kit are almost illegible. Can anyone lead me to clear instructions for Quicksilver kit 50-90983a5? Actually clear pictures would do the trick. Even my Clymer shop manual is kind of fuzzy. Thanks again.

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    Default "OK, I removed the flywheel an

    "OK, I removed the flywheel and installed the gear ring and alternator coil. I reinstalled the flywheel. Now I have two wires from the alternator, the solenoid and rectifier. I'm not sure where they want me to cut an opening in the cowling using the rubber grommet included in the kit for the battery cables. I'm sure I can figure out how to wire up the starter solenoid and button. How about the relationship of the rectifier and alternator? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks."

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    Nov 2005
    , il,

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    Nov 2005
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    Default "good site if you click around

    "good site if you click around some

    color codes"

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    Default "Again thanks JB. I'm good

    "Again thanks JB. I'm good on all the wiring. Good diagrams, easy to follow. Now, I can guess at where to place the solenoid and rectifier and hog a hole for the battery cables. But is there a picture out there showing their rightful locations? I can do this job but it would be sweet to do it perfect. I actually have step by step instructions but the pictures are worthless. Probably the fax machine that recieved them. I also have the shop manual for this particular motor. No help. So, you guys have been great. Thank you."

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    Nov 2005
    , il,

    Default "[url=""]http://i129.photobuck

    this is my 40hp, does this help"

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    Default JB thanks for everything. I&#

    JB thanks for everything. I'll figure it out. Your engine is sooo different! I've studied the wiring and there will be no problem there. The solenoid must go near the starter motor on the port side. And the rectifier nearby mounted to the inside of the lower cowl. I got it handled. Can't wait to finish it up.

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    Nov 2005
    , il,

    Default I'm sure one will pop up o

    I'm sure one will pop up on ebay if you wait a while. How about checking the library for pics. This is also a good time for a factory manual.
    Good luck

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    Default Starter solenoid is mounted in

    Starter solenoid is mounted in the proper predrilled and tapped holes. Rectifier is wired but not mounted yet. I just picked up wire and starter switch. Battery cables exit cowling in a rubber grommeted hole. All wire connections are crimped and soldered. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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