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    Default "Recently, I purchased my firs

    "Recently, I purchased my first boat (used 1995 Alumacraft V-14), and it came equipped with a Suzuki DT15c outboard. The previous owner used the boat in a shallow river, and so he raised the 15" transom to 20" to get the motor up out of the rocks a bit.

    A friend of mine who is familiar with boats and motors looked at it and told me that the transom was too high for that motor, and so we spent the better part of a day undoing what the previous owner had done and lowered the transom back to its original 15" height.

    After doing that, I was thinking that the motor was too long. I looked around on the Internet and found a few sites that showed me how to measure the shaft length. According to my measurements, the shaft length is something like 17 1/2" or so. I was under the impression that short shafts are close to 15" and long shafts are about 20".

    So do I have a short shaft or a long shaft, or neither? With the D-I-Y 20" transom, the prop would not have been low enough in the water; however, with the 15" transom in place, it looks a bit too long.

    I guess too long is better than too short, but it just makes me wonder what shaft length this is. I'm thinking about a mini-jacker, but I don't know if it's necessary. Any thoughts?

    Also, any other thoughts on the DT15c that I should know about?


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    Default It's sounds like a 15"

    It's sounds like a 15" motor. Where are you measureing from?? They are not exactly 15" or 20". They will measure a little long. In your application I doubt it would matter a whole bunch if hung down a extra inch.

    How much of the cav plate hangs down below the bottom of the boat?

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    Default "Thanks for the reply. I was

    "Thanks for the reply. I was measuring from where the mount rests on the transom to the cav plate.

    I removed the motor from the boat for the time being because many of the small lakes I have been fishing for the start of trout season are "electric motor-only" lakes.

    When I get the motor back on, I will take some measurements and maybe add a picture."

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