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Thread: b76 silverton

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    Default "I purchased a '76 silvert

    "I purchased a '76 silverton seems everything was jerry rigged at one point or another. so i will be doing a lot of work on it. Bought it really cheap on the premise it runs and floats. Being my first boat, here is the first of many questions, on the top of the motors i think they are called flare back arrestors there are two nipples looks like there should be hoses on them, should there be? and where do they go?"

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    Default "Hoses would go to the valve c

    "Hoses would go to the valve covers, but may not be used.

    Fred 156-M"

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    Default "ok i will check that later to

    "ok i will check that later tonight, how about this one i took it out for a spin last night and the cabin filled with exhaust, i was on the fly bridge so i didn't notice until i was done. could it be just from leaving the door open while driving or do i need to replace something? sorry if i ask a dumb question but this is my first boat and i am learning as i go."

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    Default "start the engine, & look

    "start the engine, & look (& feel) for exhaust leaks in the engine compartment. There may be water leaking at the same point (cooling water exiting thru the exhaust system) but not necessarily , if the leak is on the high side of the system.
    I wouldn't think that the cabin should fill up just on a cruise.
    Keep asking, were out here.

    Fred 156-M"

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    Default "Mike, I have a 1977 31' S

    "Mike, I have a 1977 31' Silverton and in NO way should the 'cabin fill with exhaust'. If I run really slow with the cabin door open, I MIGHT get the faintest HINT of exhaust.

    You need to check for exhaust leaks asap. Also check the exhaust ports exiting the transom. Make sure they aren't filled with things like mussels, gunk, etc."

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    Default "Perhaps it's more simple.

    "Perhaps it's more simple.....

    If the boat was dirty and there is saw dust, carpet fuzzies and other stuff that fell ontop of the motors, then that would begin to smoke when the motors heat up. Vaccuum the engine area and keep it clean. Also, any spilled oil or other fluids on the engine may begin to smoke when heat builds up. Just thinking this may the cause if you notice the "smoke" only after running a while. If there was an exhaust leak, then you'd notice it right away.

    Also, to your point about a potentially missing hose/fitting where the valve cover feed combustion gasses back into the flame arrestor, if the hose or fitting is not there, and there is a hole or unattached hose from your valve cover, then you are venting into open air. This shouldnt lead to a lot of smoke but if your engine is not healty, it could smoke more out of the valve covers....especially if you're burning oil, overheating etc.

    If it is a real exhaust leak, then you want to look where the motor dumps into the exhaust manifold, look at the exhaust manifold itself and obviously, look at the hoses from the manifolt out the transom. You know, you could have a perfectly fine exhaust system but if the end hose is not secure to the exit port of the transom, you would be filling the bilge with fumes."

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