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    Default "Thought I would poll the grou

    "Thought I would poll the group and see if anyone has successfully mounted "Verna-Ski" mufflers in an M360 powered Resorter. Manufacturer of the muffler says for "above waterline applications", but my questions is, my Resorter exhaust is at or slightly below the waterline. Can these mufflers be used? If not, what other brand would work?"

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    Default "I installed a pair of these m

    "I installed a pair of these mufflers in my 16 ft Resorter (1958 birthdate). The Versa style I used were the straight thru style. Fit was a little snug, but did fit. I have a 351W Ford in the boat. The mufflers did quiet the exhaust note some, but not nearly as quiet as some of the newer boats. Not sure if it was worth the effort."

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