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    Default Does anyone know of any marin

    Does anyone know of any marine use of these engines? I have a very good pair of 1984 truck engines I would like to convert to right and left marine engines for my boat. How would I change the running rotation of one engine and are magnifolds and transmission adapters available somewhere.

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    Default PCM (Pleasure Craft Marin

    PCM (Pleasure Craft Marine) marinized that motor. Mercruiser marinized the 7.3L big brother. I'm not sure if they run reverse rotation or change direction through the transmission. There is a company that makes conversion kits for the Cummins 6BT series. They may make a kit for the 6.9/7.3 also. I can't think of the name right now though.

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    Default "Lynn, The company that Don


    The company that Don is refering to might be Cascade Manufacturing of Fort Worth, Texas, they don't seem to have a web site, but there is an extensive article about them here. Let us know if you find out more.
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    Default " I too would like information

    " I too would like information on converting a 6.9 diesel to use in my boat
    My big question is, how much does it weight and by moving such things as batteries and fuel tanks to the front of the boat.
    Would that compensate for the difference between my 4 cylinder chevy and the 6.9 "

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    Default " Lynn, I believe that sev

    " Lynn,

    I believe that several of the clutch makers ( both "ZF" and "Borg Warner 5000v series -up to 420 hp) have full forward and reverse ability, which is utilized when same rotation engine application occur. There is a fellow by the name of eric at "fantasticfinish.com" who i was put in-touch with about a repower application. This guy was super knowledgable and very helpful.
    I also was intouch with "cascade manufact." in texas once about the conversion kits several years ago and found them (the kits) to be very thorough and good qaulity. As i recall, they were running at about $4k-4.5k ea. back then about 3 yrs ago. Good luck with the project.

    Bob "

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    Default " I am using twin 6.9's in

    " I am using twin 6.9's in a 2000 30' Osprey as a repower. The engines aren't in yet (being rebuilt) but wet manifold cooling seems to be a problem. I am going to try air cooling the manifolds by encasing them in a double-walled, insulated 6" duct and running a blower over them. I'll see how it works.... "

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