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    Default "I tryed to change oil in my 8

    "I tryed to change oil in my 87 omc 7.5 litre motor. The problem is I can't get all the oil out. I went thru dipstick tube with vacuum unit that I have used with no problem on other motors. I took between 2 and 3 quarts out, but dipstick still showed normal oil levels. You would think that it would have at least shown low oil on dipstick or clean dipstick with that much oil removed. Manual says it only holds 5 quarts Does anyone know of any other way to remove all oil"

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    Default "Is this tube going into the b

    "Is this tube going into the block or the pan? If it goes into the block it does not reach to the bottom of the pan and will not be able to be used for that purpose.

    You will have to drain the pan the old fasioned way.

    The oil you see on the stick is most likely from the inside of the tube, being left there from when you sucked it out."

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    Default "My 7.5's are 1989's b

    "My 7.5's are 1989's but they hold about 6 1/2 qts. Does your dipstick tube have a garden hose type fitting at the top? Mine do and I just attach the oil pump to that and I get close to all of it out. I would think that by removing 2 or 3 qts the oil would be at the bottom or not showing on the dipstick at all, not sure how it can be reading nromal levels?
    ps...oil comes out much easier if the engine has been run to warm it up plus that gets a lot of the crap suspended in the oil as well."

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    Default "Thanks for the help guys, but

    "Thanks for the help guys, but I figured it out. The dipstick goes to the bottom or side of the oilpan. I apparently was not getting the oil removal tube all the way to the bottom of the dipstick tube. I ran the engine til it warmed up and then used my vacuum suction device and got it all out. The men on this website are a great source of help and I appreciate your sharing your boating maintenance endeavors with the rest of us!!"

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