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    jimmy58's Avatar
    jimmy58 Guest

    Default "Winterizing my 88' Mercru

    "Winterizing my 88' Mercruiser I/O today, I opened up the drain plugs on the block and exhaust manifolds, the port side manifold didnít have any water in it. While the starboard side had water drain. I did stick a wire up the drain hole to make sure it wasnít plugged and it wasnít. I also checked all 8 plugs and they all look similar.
    The boat has been on its trailer and hasn't been run in about 2 months, could the water have drained out of that side?"

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    Nov 2002
    Mullica Hill, New Jersey, United States

    Default "If the drain or one of the lo

    "If the drain or one of the lower hoses is leaking, it will drain the manifold.. Just to be safe, I would dump some antifreeze in the system with the drain out, just to be sure it drains out. That will tell you for sure that there's no water in there."

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    Oct 2006
    Blenheim, Ont., Can.

    Default how do i drain the water out

    how do i drain the water out

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    jimmy58's Avatar
    jimmy58 Guest

    Default "There will be a drain (pe

    "There will be a drain (petcock) on the bottom of the riser towards the back. Twist that open and it should drain. You may need a set of pliers to help opening, but dont use much force, the plugs are brass.
    There also will be two plugs on the bottom of the engine block.. one on each side that need drained."

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    Sep 2003
    New Tripoli, PA, USA!

    Default "Strongly suggest you pull the

    "Strongly suggest you pull the spark plugs on htat side of the motor and crank it over.

    Hell, that water went somewhere, right?


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    jimmy58's Avatar
    jimmy58 Guest

    Default "Hey Jeff, I did pull the plu

    "Hey Jeff,
    I did pull the plugs and took a look at them and they looked the same as the other side.
    Even since the boat hadn't been run in 2 months, wouldnt the plugs show some sign of rust marks if the ends were in water?..or some other discoloration?"

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