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    Default "Hi there, Has anybody hea

    "Hi there,

    Has anybody heard of "Lomatec" as a marine diesel manufacturer? They seem to sell
    marinized Nissan blocks.

    However, it seems impossible to locate the company.


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    Default "Hi Frank, I would like to

    "Hi Frank,

    I would like to find out more about Lomatec marine engines, too. I was wondering whether you got anything for your request for information,


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    Default "PLEASE can anyone help me whi

    "PLEASE can anyone help me whith this LOMATEC engines?!!!
    In my contry they sell them as NISSAN???
    They are produced in China, right?
    How reliable they are?
    Thanks, Mladen"

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    Default I purchesed a lomatec 65 hp L4

    I purchesed a lomatec 65 hp L4d26 from MDT a co. in Au. Almost immediately the impeller pump leaked. MDT sent me a new Johnson pump at no cost and said that they were going to replace the pumps on all the lomotecs when they arrive at their factory. At engine hour 13 the rear seal gave out. MDT is sending me a new hopefully better one at no cost. MDT is a good up front co. and easy to work with. But I am understandably shakey about the engine.

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    Default "I purchased a 29 hp 3 cyl.mod

    "I purchased a 29 hp 3 cyl.model from MDT power also, I agree with Walter about the proactive response from the company. I had a water pump seal leak as well. I am pleased with the performance of the motor(I installed myself)and have had no further problems(58 hrs.) I too am a little curious re. the actual base motor and marinization, but the price was right and service from MDT is very good."

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    Default We are seriously thinking abou

    We are seriously thinking about repowering our yacht with an 85hp Lomatec Marine engine and was wondering how Walter Teper and B Smith 1 would rate the engine now that they have had longer to assess it. Please anyone else with information regarding Lomatec Marine diesel engines we would appreciate your advice. Thank you

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    Default "Hi Bruce, I think that you w

    "Hi Bruce,
    I think that you wil like the motor very much. Mine is running quite well now. You will have no worry if you buy it from MDT. They are a good company. I found the manuels translation into english a little rough. But then again I'm from N>Y>C> so what would I know about english."

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    Default "Bruce, Being a sailor I use

    "Bruce, Being a sailor I use the motor less than I would in a power boat, that said I recently had a 20 hr. upwind motor into steep chop, the motor ran without a hitch, cooling well and oil pressure perfect. I like it."

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    Default "Hi, I am thinking about buyi

    I am thinking about buying a 115hp Lomatec engine & ZF-45-1 Gear Box - Anyone with any comments"

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    Default Hi Ron We have installed a 8

    Hi Ron
    We have installed a 85hp Lomatec in our 44ft Roberts ketch It is the none turbo version of the engine you are thinking about We have only done a couple of hours so far but we think the engine is great and also good value for the price We bought our engine from Boss Machinery in PERTH West Australia They are an excellent company to deal with

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    Default I require 1 unit of Daihatsu m

    I require 1 unit of Daihatsu marine engine crankshaft of model 6PSKTC-26M.


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    Default "Please is there annyone who k

    "Please is there annyone who knows site of that LOMATEC motors, where are they produced? I saw that motor in Croatia , but is there anny general company site or something? Please help becouse I want to new more! I want to buy it and its looking good but..always is but! : )"

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    Default "If sombody has a LOMATEC L4D3

    "If sombody has a LOMATEC L4D32 MA / 85 HP, please write Your advice. Did You know on what base is built?"

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    Default "you can find out about the Lo

    "you can find out about the Lomatec by contacting James White (Marine Diesel Traders)?

    Personal e-mail [email protected]
    They sell them and are a very reputable company.

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    Default "Hi there, As the initiator

    "Hi there,

    As the initiator of this posting, I eventually bought a Lomatec L4D18MA? (Nissan block / 35HP) from a reseller in China, so called Mr. Wang Jianyou. Unfortunately, the service from him or his company appear to be very bad.
    The engine was deliverd with the air filter placed on the top of the engine, while on the pictures sent to me before the purchase, showed the air filter placed on the side.
    I had to change this, since the engine cover would have to be 30 cm higher then expected. I had to find a solution for this roblem myself.
    I have asked the guy in China (manufacturer) to send me the appropriate exhaust pipe, in order to modify this, but did not receive any help or cooperation at all from him or his company.

    The waterpump inmediatelly, started to leak while starting the engine for the first time. I agree that the water pump is bad. I exchanged some e-mails with James White from (Marine Diesel Traders)? in Australia.
    Allthough they did not sell the engine to me, James was were very helpfull in provinding the details for the replacement of the waterpump, which seems to be a copy of a Johnson waterpump.
    I am using the engine on a lifeboat, which was transformed into a launch. The engine sounds ok, however it is not very compact like other engines of the same power, like Volvo Penta, Vetus or Yanmar.
    If size is not really a matter, then it maybe a good engine, given the price. I will post more, as soon as I have obtained more experience with this engine.

    I am attaching a photo to this message (which a also sent to the reseller in China), which shows my concerns about the engine.

    Frank / The Netherlands
    Five minutes check

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    Default "Sir (Frank Smith), ca

    "Sir (Frank Smith), can You indicate real China manufacturer of these Lomatec Engines? we need to contact them direct as we have a lot of problems to deal with Mr. Wang Jianyou; no adeguate info, no specs, no drawings for intallation, no one email answering straigth to our questions. We want to use and sale these engines in Thailand for local market on fishing, working and pleasure boats but he seems really not to be interested in this huge market where it is really expensive to use imported EU and Japanese engines. Please let me know."

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    Default hello i have buyed a 37 hp lom

    hello i have buyed a 37 hp lomatec and have no problems with it have now 100 hours on the engine and its stil perfect

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    Default "Dear Luigi, I don't th

    "Dear Luigi,

    I don't think Mr. Wang Jianyou has anything to do with the manufacturer directly. As far as I believe, he is a middleman, a reseller. There many other people in China selling the Lomatec engines. I don't have any contact details of the manufacturer. It is a very unprofessional, Mr. Wang Jianyou is in my opnion not reliable to do business with. Promisses, but no results."

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    Default "Hi everyone interested in the

    "Hi everyone interested in the LOMATEC marine engines. I have purchased the L4D18MA directly from the manufacturers in China. I too dealt with Mr. Wang Jianyou and he has always answered my e-mails. I have also called him on the phone many times. For everyone's information hereunder is the Company's details:

    Tel:0086-523-8261662; Fax: 0086-523-8273559

    LOMATEC stands for <u>LO</u> ling <u>MA</u> chinery <u>TEC</u> hnology"

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    Default "At [url=""]www.speuders.nl[/u

    "At www.speuders.nl are many ads from a lomatec reseller in Holland. Peter in Kudelstaart. Go to watersport look for motoren and maybe they know more about this. Good luck"

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    Default Hi Brian. Could you post email

    Hi Brian. Could you post email address of Mr. Wang Jianyou? Do they have a web site?
    Has anybody ran this engine more then 100 hours? It is also interesting guaranteed life in hours given by manufacturer until complete overhaul. Also I would like to hear any comments about gearboxes. Reliable?

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    Default "Hi Valentin, Strange enoug

    "Hi Valentin,

    Strange enough they don&#39;t have a website!"

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    Default "This it is the cover of the W

    "This it is the cover of the Workshop manual they &#40;Mr. Wang Jianyou&#41; sent to me together with a brochure, inside the manual nothings about any marine engine...it is just a copy of an Isuzu 4 cyl. truck engine workshop manual, the website on cover doesn&#39;t work as well.
    LO.MA.TEC Workshop engine manual

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    Default "Hi Valentin. Mr. Wang's

    "Hi Valentin. Mr. Wang&#39;s e-mail address is:

    [email protected]

    I have always managed to get him on this address and he usually answers. He, apparently, is the Sales manager for Lomatec and is out of the office quite often. If he does not answer your mail within 5-6 days, send him another he will eventually answer."

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    Default I contacted Mr. Wang today and

    I contacted Mr. Wang today and got very fast responce from him. I&#39;m going to buy 70HP L4D32MA engine. I knew from him that based engine is Nissan QD32 and gearbox is TMC260. If anybody has something to say about it - welcome.

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    Default "NOTE: Gear box it is a COPY o

    "NOTE: Gear box it is a COPY of italian Twin-Disc Techonodrive TMC260, engine it is the Nissan assembled with unauthorized spare parts for this engine &#40;not from Nissan&#41; assembled on a copy of the cast block &#40;it is a copy of the Nissan&#41;. But everything looks to work well. But isn&#39;t an original Nissan and/or TM. NOTE: Spare parts from TM cannot be used on this gearbox."

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    Default "Gday all I recently purchase

    "Gday all
    I recently purchased a yacht with a newly installed 115 hp turbo LOMATEC engine . The engine was purchased from and installed by BOSS Machinery ,MALAGA WA .The engine has now done 370 hrs without missing a beat !! The water pump fitted was said to accept the Johnson impeller but the one i fitted leaked because the impeller does not seal flat against either the pump housing or cover plate . There is a &#34;notch&#34; in the sealing surfaces on the impeller . As the pump is likely to be common to a number of similar sized motors i was hopping that someone has found a solution . I am also having trouble finding oil filters to suit this motor .
    Any answers greatly appreciated !!


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    Default We are the official distribito

    We are the official distribitor for holland of lomatec diesel engines.
    We are very pleased with Lomatec till now every engine works perfect.
    Mr.Wang You Yin is the export manager and it is good to deal with him.

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    Default "Sir, note, I don't think

    "Sir, note, I don&#39;t think we are talking about the same person, both ot them deal with Lomatec engines.
    1&#41; Mr. Wang You Yin:
    [email protected] &#40;I had good deal too but about a Taidong engine http://www.td-power.com/, he easily answers to all questions even by Skype, he sale also Lomatec&#41;
    2&#41; Mr. Wang Jian You:
    [email protected] &#40;the Lomatec dealer in question, not really easy to deal with&#41;"

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    Default "I mean [url=""]Mr.Wangyouyin5

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