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    Default " I am purchasing a used boat

    " I am purchasing a used boat with '98 model 115 Yamaha inshore - the compression was 140 on top two plugs and the bottom two read 135. Is this in the normal range? Also, the plugs were a little wet when I removed them - could this be condensation from being stored in a shed and is that a problem. Thanks!!! "

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    Default " That is good compression. A

    " That is good compression. A little valvetec will bring the compression up on the 2 bottom cylinders by cleaning the carbon out of the engine. If the plugs are wet with water then there could be a problem, but if they are wet with gas/oil then its probably ok. If the owner will let you then you should take the boat for a test drive and make sure its ok. If you are buying the boat from an individual then take it to a good boat shop and have them check it out before you buy it. Even if you are buying it from a dealer see if they will let your mechanic check it out. "

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    Default thanks for your advice - have

    thanks for your advice - have a good one!

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    Default I am buying a 1995 Grady with

    I am buying a 1995 Grady with two 200HP Yamaha outboards. The dealer will do a compression check on Wednesday. What would be a good (or acceptable) compression reading on these motors?

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