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    Default "Hello All, I am buying an ol

    "Hello All,
    I am buying an older Lund boat from my Father-in-law. It is a 1985 model. It has a newer model year Mariner outboard on it Serial Number 0B236205. I went to a dealer today and all he could give me was a range of years from 1990 to now. Give me a break, rather than argue with the twit I left. What is the big secret here. Can anybody identify a Mariner outboards year by its serial number. Any help or a link would be great. Thanks Andy"

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    Default "go to engine manuals at the t

    "go to engine manuals at the top of this page and there is a link for engine id by serial no, mercury now puts the year on there label but year ago they wanted to play secret squirrel"

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    Default ". I have inherited a 1997 40h

    ". I have inherited a 1997 40hp mariner that has sat for appx. 3yrs.starts,idles,and trolls every time but will not throttle up.I suspect it needs a carb rebuild.need help finding right manuals & parts.c40elhpto is model ser.og538285 Iam not sure on the 2or4 stroke but has dual carbs.looking for right parts,any help welcomed."

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