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Thread: MWM engines

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    Default " I am looking for info on MWM

    " I am looking for info on MWM engines, a boat I am looking at has a MWM installed in 1999...225 hp, 6 cylinder turbo. There is very little info on these to be found "

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    Default " MWM was purchased by DEUTZ a

    " MWM was purchased by DEUTZ around 1985 and because we deal in Deutz engines we also now quite a bit about MWM and the later DEUTZ-MWM engines. (Now all engines are called: DEUTZ)

    What kind of info are you looking for ? If you have any specific questions please contact us by e-mail with the enginetype of your MWM engine (226 or 226B engine ?) at our website www.adtbv.nl

    Ton Aarts, ADT dieseltechniek (The Netherlands) "

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    Default "Dear Sir, We introduce our c

    "Dear Sir,
    We introduce our company as Excellence Industrial Maintenance, located in Bahrain and established since 1994, actively supporting the Industrial Maintenance Sector.

    We have a project to overhaul the following diesel engine:

    Manufactured by: MWM Germany
    Engine Type: TBD234 V12
    Serial No: 234.12.01027
    Capacity: 366 KW (ISO) 330 KW Service Rating
    RPM: 1485
    Application: Fire Pump Drive.

    Please advice if you are able to support us with the supply of spares required for the overhauling. This engine has been in service since 1985.

    Look forward to your prompt and urgent response

    Thanks and best regards

    Anthony L. Stevens
    Manager, Engineering Services
    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile: +973 3965 6196"

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    Default "***** ****** [url=""]***** 61

    "***** ****** ***** 619"

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    Default "Dear Sir, We are looking f

    "Dear Sir,

    We are looking for the following spares. Please advice if you can supply them.

    Manufacturer: MWM Germany
    Model: : TBD 601 - 6K
    Products : a) Water Pump Assembly - 01 Nos
    b) Engine Gasket Kit - 01 Set
    Thanks & Regards
    Nandish H SWater Pump"">"

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    Default We are looking at a vessel tha

    We are looking at a vessel that has MWM TB12RS V12 engines. Are there parts readily available for these engines?


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    Default I am looking for spares and ga

    I am looking for spares and gaskets sets to suit MWM TBD 601K (we use heat exchanger cooling)

    Also a complete engine in good order (or later model injection system) same footprint.

    Please advise any information.


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    Default "I am looking for maintenance

    "I am looking for maintenance schedule or electronic version of Instruction Manual of engine MAN, Type: D2866TE. I will very grateful in case somebody assist me regarding this matter.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: MWM engines

    Hello my friend
    Please help me. I need to technical information of MWM TBD 234- v6 marine diesel engine. In fact I need to performance curve and fuel consumption.
    Please help me.
    my Email: [email protected]

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