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    Default "We just got our 1998 sea ray,

    "We just got our 1998 sea ray, with 3.0L and alpha 1. We took it out on the water, boat starts and runs fine on muffs. It will rev 4500+ rpms. Put it in water, try to go, starts out like it is going to take off, gets to about 1700 rpms and that is it. Does not miss, does not sputter, just acts like that is all the power it has....have changed to smaller prop, cleaned carb, emptied fuel tank and put in new fuel...could it be accelerator pump or is it ign. prob. How do I check those?"

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    Default Darin wallot Check and make s

    Darin wallot
    Check and make sure your choke and throttle plates are opening all the way.

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    Default "Not the accelerator pump, tha

    "Not the accelerator pump, that's only in use when the throttle is being applied.
    A few questions. Is this boat new to you or do you know it will run up more than it does? Did changing the prop make any change at all? By smaller prop do you mean in pitch size? Is the boat being used in the same area? (wasn't transported from sea level to 5000ft above) Have you checked for a false bottom full of water? Is the engine missing under load?
    This information may help tell what problems you are having."

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    Default im not sure id rev that motor

    im not sure id rev that motor to 4500 rpm out of water be careful

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    Default "I've had this problem a c

    "I've had this problem a couple of times on 2 different boats, two times it was a dirty/old fuel/water seperator, one time one of the fuel hoses came loose on the suction side, make sure the filters are screwed on tight."

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    Default compression test the engine

    compression test the engine
    Factory Manual Best, Seloc 2nd best, Clymer if you're desperate.

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    Default "My Galaxy with a 898 Mercruis

    "My Galaxy with a 898 Mercruiser, and my VW dune buggy BOTH did this..I found it was the ignition coil leaking off idle RPMS. Idle was fine, just wouldn't go over a certain RMP..look at it at night and you will see sparks around the wire tower..or if your drunk a bit, touch the coil tower and see if it zaps the beejeebers out of you..It's best to get a different drunk than yourself though..heh heh Try a new cheap auto parts coil and I bet it will fix it. I am using ACCEL super coils from WWW.SUMMITRACING.COM .They sell a lot of marine stuff now ! CHEAP !"

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