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    Default "I just picked up a chaparral

    "I just picked up a chaparral 15 with a suzuki DT60 on it. The past owner didn't want it anymore because it always ran hot they said. It sat for a year or two in the driveway, before they gave the boat away. I got the parts list from the internet and I noticed that the oil tank was missing. The previous owner told me that I had to mix the oil with the gas, but at the time, I didn't know anything about the boating world, let alone outboard engines.

    So does anyone know why one would remove an oil tank? And also, would adding oil to the gas, instead of the oil tank, cause any problems with to the engine?


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    Default No problem without the oil tan

    No problem without the oil tank. Just pre-mix gas & oil at 50:1 ratio 1 gallon of oil to 50 gallons of gas. Or 16 oz's of oil for every 6 gallons of gasoline.

    Who knows why they took it off most people that do that think the oiling system is like a OMC which fail all the time.

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