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Thread: Velvet Drive

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    Default "On my B-W transmission the ne

    "On my B-W transmission the neutral detent ball, under the shift lever is stuck down in.

    There must have been rust in the hole. When I went to pluck it out of there with a seal pick it went deeper.

    2 questions: 1. Any suggestions on getting the ball out of there?

    2. Is it critical to have the shift lever use the detent, since two already exist in shift system? One on opposite side for neutral safety switch, other on Morse control.

    Thanks, Noel."

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    Default "There is (was) probab

    "There is (was) probably a spring under the detent ball. It is either stuck or a pile of rust flakes. I'd try soaking it in WD40 and gently working it with the pick.

    I would think the detent is important. There is always some amount of slop in the cables/shifters and the purpose of the detent is to make sure that the lever is indexed at particular, defined positions and not at the mercy of system slop."
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    Default You wouldn't want the thin

    You wouldn't want the thing to jump into neutral at crusing speed!


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