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Thread: Tune up

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    Default "I normally do my own maintani

    "I normally do my own maintaniance (plugs, lower unit oil etc) but this year I am thinking of sending it to a service tech to go over it with a fine tooth comb. I have a 86 DT25. It runs great, only issue I've had with it was Ignition timing switch, replaced it on my own and runs great. How much is a fair estimate to have a tech go through the carb, impeller, clean motor, pull prop and replace seal if needed, general inspection etc? I live in Maine and dont have many Suzuki dealers, but i figured any boat yard would be able to handle this kind of work. I really want the carb and imeller done as they havent been touched in years, but i dont want to tear into it w/o knowing how to turn back if i'm over my head.
    Thanks, sorry for the long post"

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    Default Hey Blackbetty I would think

    Hey Blackbetty
    I would think you could get all that done for around $275-$350. That's a simple but great little engine they should have never quit making it.

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