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    Default "Hi everyone, We recently got

    "Hi everyone, We recently got a used boat with a '96 Johnson 90 HP engine. Took it out 2x , ran fine.

    My son took it out yesterday and put 1 pt of oil for about 10 gallons of gas- Ooops.
    When he was out the engine cut out but would always start right up again. It would idle fine but would cut out if he accelerated too much. He also said the primer ball was collapsed like someone was squeezing it.

    So, could some damage have been done to the engine in 45 minutes with that ratio? Also could the gas/bulb issue be the problem?

    Thanks for any and all help- I am out of town until the weekend so I can't check anything out until then."

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    Default Correct the ratio and you shou

    Correct the ratio and you should be fine. Usually the bulb collapes like that because someone didn't open the tank vent. If you have a built in tank check the vent for obstructions.
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    Default We are using an 11 gallon plas

    We are using an 11 gallon plastic tank that the prev owner said he got at Walmart. It does have an inline filter and my boy said that it was clear of debris and full of gas.


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    Default could also be a fuel pump issu

    could also be a fuel pump issue
    that was a little lean at 10 gal to 1 pint
    put the proper mix in it and trouble shoot the fuel issue /cause it running out after you prime it/then stall/re prime/starts/runs out

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