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Thread: old Honda 99

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    Default "Hi, I have an 'old" H

    "Hi, I have an 'old" Honda, with the blue and white case cover, and I just got it running after it sat for (?) years. I replaced coil and wires, plugs, fuel pump, and drained 'lower end" and refilled, and did same for upper end...now, it will run strong on top end, but will not idle, and I cleaned and reset carb...so I am wondering...is there toooo much "play" in the rings and Valves such that there is not enough "suck" at low speed for fuel..because of age of motor,and I should rebuild it, or is there....because "you" are a vast "universe" of knowledge...something I overlooked? Cheers

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    Default "Check the t-stat, make sure i

    "Check the t-stat, make sure it is not stuck open.

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    Default "Just symptoms of clogging in

    "Just symptoms of clogging in the idle ports of your carburetor.

    These motors need to have valve clearance checked as a 100 hour item, (because they get too little 'play' or clearance); but valve or ring problems would have more effect on top end than idle running.

    Try a more thorough carburetor cleaning, paying attention to all the ports/valves and tiny passageways that lead around and into into carb throat."

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    Default "Pilot has probably got it rig

    "Pilot has probably got it right, you need to remove the jets, not just soak them Some were extremely small. That emulsion tube loved to get a white scum over the air bleed jet and holes.

    That said- check your cam belt. If it has stretched 1/2 cog they will run like doo.

    Set your valves to .002 and .004. Then compare the cam lobes as they can go away (top one first) and cause trouble --like boiling frogs. "

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