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    Default "One more time. I stand in fr

    "One more time. I stand in front of my 360. The balancer turns counter clockwise. What is my rotation? What is my firing order? I see a choice of two. 12756348, or 18436572.
    On a differant note. If someone is looking to replace their 318 with a 360. and can not find an oil pan to fit their boat hull. I have manufactured an adapter to make a 318 Alum pan
    fit a 360.

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    Default PS the dist turns clockwise an

    PS the dist turns clockwise and is located rear of engine

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    Default 12756348 It's a reverse r

    12756348 It's a reverse rotator.


    Note: The distributor (and oil pump) turn the same way in both engines. The firing order is set up different on the cap.

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    Default Jeffs right again I just went

    Jeffs right again I just went through this

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    Default "David, I would like to see th

    "David, I would like to see the adapter you have made... Are you planning on selling them? The pan is quite expensive if you need to buy one, so that would be a interesting option.


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    Default The one I had made is installe

    The one I had made is installed on my 360. I could not find a 360 pan with the profile to fit my boat hull. I used my 318 alu oil pan. It has slots in the radious. I Used a 360 gasket kit.
    I have a friend who has a machine shop. The part made from alu. Is moon shaped with an 1/8in extention on the outside radious to slid into the 318 pan.With GM engine sealent added. We joked about making these. I'm sure we would have to make a few of them to make it practical for market. I did find the 360 low profile pan about $480.00 to much for my budget.

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