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Thread: DF 300

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    Default "Turned engine on and a beepin

    "Turned engine on and a beeping noise started--"check engine light 7-5" came on then went off after I started fiddling with it, still beeping though. Any ideas????"

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    Default "I believe this is a standard

    "I believe this is a standard low voltage message. Mine did this three weeks ago, followed by a control comm error and it is still in the shop."

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    Default 7-5 code is DBW system. Just d

    7-5 code is DBW system. Just did one. It's power to BCM circuit. Someone scabed a wire in at the key switch and did a hack job. The constant surge fried the main relay on the stbd engine. It took a while to locate the problem everything was tied up nice and neat. They just didn't know how to make a good connect. Everglades 290.

    Tell them to chk the main relay on the engine!

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