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    Default "I have to remove the 318 from

    "I have to remove the 318 from my 73 gibson, married to a dana 90 outdrive..The block cracked.. I found a 318 from a friendout of a 82 dodge diplomat....Whatneeds to be done??? what has to be done to remove engine , outdrive etc??? I am an ametuer at this...Jeff, I'm in the Pittsburgh area...could be a nice working weekend from allentown..


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    Default "..."could be a nice worki

    "..."could be a nice working weekend from allentown.."

    Talk to my wife! See has an extensive Honey-Do List.

    If this is going to be a raw water cooled deal, you need to replace the freeze plugs with brass, and the head gaskets with stainless marine types. Then bolt on all the unique marine stuff: intake, distributor, flywheel, etc.


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    Default "DO I need to change the intak

    "DO I need to change the intake manifold?? Can you explain the differance on the cooling?? Mine draws water thru the bottom of hull, thru strainer and up to a water pump...


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    Default "RE: Intake... The BIG issue i

    "RE: Intake... The BIG issue is the carb. You can't use the diplomat's carb for safety reasons. It's unlikely that the marine carb will bolt onto the diplomat's intake.

    RE: "replacing parts..." probably want to add the cam to the list. Also a new set of exhaust manifolds and elbows should be strongly considered.

    Re: "Cooling" ... The issue is raw vs "fresh water" cooling. The term fresh water is a bit misleading as in these systems, the engine block (and often the manifolds) are cooled by a mixture of fresh water and antifreese. In these systems, there is a "heat exchanger". On the "inside" of the heat exchanger there is "fresh water", on the outside circuit there is water that is pumped in by the raw water pump and then exits via the exhaust elbows.

    On a "raw water" cooled engine, the water is drawn in either from the drive or thru hull, pumped into the engine and circulated... (intentional) excess water is dumped out thru the manifolds and elbows as is hot water."
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    Default "An '82 will have a Quadra

    "An '82 will have a Quadrajet carb and their spread bore's. You can find marine Q-jet's that should work on that intake, otherwise if you go with a Edel. 1409 or Holley 4160 marine carb you will probably want a different intake."

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