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Thread: 360 Timing Help

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    Default Heres what Ive done 360 off st

    Heres what Ive done 360 off starboard side boat looking at the distributor its turning cw brought #1 piston up set dist pointing to one on cap and nothing it spits turned the rotor 180 and nothing it does fire the first way but acts as timing is way off compression on all cylinders is above 100 wires are going to the right spot on engine set cap for cw and ccw rotation and nothing this is driving me nuts I tryed as long as I could without crying for help any ideas Ill BE glad to try this is a two wire ignition taken off my starboard this weekend running fine So I no its ok thanks guys..

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    Default Cancel that call got it YESSSS

    Cancel that call got it YESSSSSSSSSSSS.....Thanks

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    Default Gee....We didn't do a thin

    Gee....We didn't do a thing and....


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